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Since 2023, the Evanston Regular Democrats has been organizing Evanstonians to elect Democratic candidates. For every race from municipal offices all the way up to the United States Presidency. We knock on doors here in Evanston and throughout the Midwest. We reach out to voters all over the country through phonebanks and post cards for races at every level. Through the hard work of our members and volunteers, we elect candidates who embrace, defend and promote the core values of the Democratic Party and Democracy.

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Contacting the Evanston Regular Democrats empowers you to actively participate in local politics, shaping the community's future. By reaching out, express your concerns, share ideas, and engage in grassroots efforts aligned with your values. Act now, connect with the Democratic Party of Evanston, and make a meaningful impact in your community's progression.

Get Involved

Engage with like-minded progressives, shape local policies, and work towards meaningful change in your community. By attending meetings, joining committees, and volunteering for campaigns, you can play an active role in advancing Democratic principles and making a positive impact on the issues that matter to you.

Run for Office

Supporting progressive community values by running for political office is an important civic duty. Democratic candidates can champion progressive policies and advocate for social justice, equality, and environmental sustainability. By participating in the electoral process, Democrats can shape the direction of government and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Join the Evanston Regular Democrats

Joining the Evanston Regular Democrats is important because we provide critical support for the party’s activities, including candidate recruitment, voter outreach, and grassroots organizing. As a member, you have a direct impact on the party’s ability to promote Democratic values, influence policy decisions, and elect progressive leaders.

Upcoming Events

There are multiple ways to get involved in local Democratic Party events, whether you're interested in volunteering, attending meetings, or organizing grassroots campaigns. You can join our local party chapter and participate in activities like phone banking, canvassing, or fundraising to support Democratic candidates and causes. Additionally, attending town hall meetings, community forums, and campaign rallies are great opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals, learn about important issues, and make your voice heard in local politics.


Ingraham Park, Evanston

11:00 am

Evanston’s Annual Juneteenth Celebration

Joining the Juneteenth celebration in Evanston is a meaningful way to honor and commemorate the historical significance of emancipation and African American freedom. By attending, you can actively show support for racial justice and equality while celebrating the resilience and achievements of the Black community. The event offers a rich cultural experience through music, dance, art, and food, providing an opportunity to engage with diverse traditions and strengthen cultural understanding. Additionally, participating in the Juneteenth celebration fosters community unity, as people from all backgrounds come together to celebrate a shared commitment to social progress and inclusivity. No RSVP needed. We look forward to celebrating with you! 


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It is essential for Democrats to maintain independence from the party to ensure

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