Our Mission

The Evanston Regular Democrats is accountable to Democrats residing within the attendance areas of School Districts 65 and 202. Our purpose is to amplify the voices of those Democrats; elect progressive Democrats to local, state, and federal offices; and to promote progressive ideals and elected officials.

Our progressive ideals include:

  • Anti-racism;
  • Integrity, accountability, and transparency in our political system;
  • The right to vote and have that vote count;
  • Civil rights;
  • Clean air, clean water, and healthy communities;
  • Keeping abortion safe and legal; and
  • Economic opportunity for all.

Who Are We?

Evanston Regular Democrats is a 100% volunteer organization. We are organized around the core values that the people pick the leaders and every single vote should be earned no matter how ‘safe’ our ‘blue’ district is. We exist to ensure our elected officials hear our voice and know they must be held accountable by more than just their high dollar donors.

50,890 Registered Voters in Evanston for 2022 Elections (100% )
2022 Democratic Primary Voter Turnout (23.149%)
2022 General Election Voter Turnout (54.859%)